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I'm a slacker. I have barely posted anything on the blog for the last few months. I guess there are a few reasons including being extremely busy starting up the new business and lack of motivation.

I guess every blogger goes through that period where you just don't really feel like posting much. Some continue to post just to post and others stop posting for a while or all together. I have opened blogger a few times to start to write up a post, but exited out before writing anything worth posting. How many times can you post a HH about how to play AK/QQ in a 6 max nl game? or bad beats? or the good side of coolers? etc., etc.

I think my blog posting seems to have a direct correlation to the WSOP. I tend to post more as the WSOP draws closer and closer, go to the WSOP, have a great time, and when I return home I lose the motivation to post or run out of ideas for posts.

I think that I have shaken off the funk that has been floating around in my head since the WSOP and should start posting more. Maybe the start of a new Bodog Blogger series tonight will help. When is the BBT- foooourrrrr start? Is it coming soon.

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  1. thx for the pimpage Mitch!