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The Mansion Promo has ended early. Procrastination sucks.

"Pittsburgh Steelers 2006 Superbowl Champs Promotion

MANSION is proud to announce the success of our season-opening NFL Cash-Back promotion, which has given five thousand of our Members a unique opportunity to place bets on Pittsburgh Steelers of USD 1,100 to win USD 1,000 (or currency equivalent) in their season opener at home against an in form Miami Dolphins.

Betting on the promotion has now ended after reaching full subscription with 5,000 MANSION Members having taken part, wagering USD 5.5 Million in the cash-back offer on the Superbowl Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers to defeat Miami Dolphins this Thursday September 7th.

If the Steelers lose or fail to cover the point spread, MANSION will refund qualified Member individual bets of USD 1,100 (or currency equivalent) - presenting one of the most compelling season launching promotions by a betting company, with no strings attached and no rollover requirement. Naturally, should the reigning Super Bowl Champions beat Miami and cover the spread, MANSION will pay our Members over 5 Million in total winnings.

On paper, everything is there for the Steelers to become the ninth repeat champion in league history (and third in team history), but speculation on their 2006 regular season debut has been heightened, having struggled through a troubling off-season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Promotion is further proof that MANSION is the home of choice and reward for our Members, and it "pays to belong” to take full advantage of the many best-in-value promotions and offers in sports wagering and first class member services.

MANSION wishes the best of luck to our Members who are participating in this promotion."

WSOP Thoughts

Daniel Negreanu is good, but he needs a big stack (relative to blinds) to work his magic - too many preflop speculative calls really add if you aren't hitting left and right.

Dimtri Nobles, Tiffany Williamson, and Aaron Kantor should start an online poker training site. The games would get a lot a new great loose players that like to call off all their chips with middle pair or top pair, weak kicker.

Jamie Gold likes to tell you what you should do when you are in a hand against him and his is telling you the actual truth. The only problem is most people don't seem to believe him.

Annie Duke seemed way too excited to make the money and mr. 104 off took big time advantage of that right after she commented how close they were to the money.

I'm wearing a jacket with fake gold coins on it next time I play a live event. It seems to annoy the crap out of the other players at the table.

Vos is pronounced Fos - Why not spell it Fos then?

Humberto Brenes is kind of annoying. Did anyone else want to shove that shark down his throat?

Joe Hachem doesn't like it when people play back at him or make good calls against him. He seemed a little angry. I would recommend a Valium.

What was with Hachem saying something about getting lucky one time? Did he forget his Q7 (i think) hand against Kantor's 99 last year?

Phil Ivey may have gotten most of my chips on Day 2, but he and I both made the same amount at the Main Event. ($0 plus a seat cushion and All In chip)

If I am ever at an ESPN TV table and want to call someone on my cell phone, I am going to take my microphone off first.

I would love to have seen the look on Annie Duke's face when Kathy Leibert told the story about someone mistaking her for Annie.

I wanted to run out and get a poker tattoo just to piss Norman Chad off.

All in all, ESPN coverage is very entertaining.

6 responses to "Mansion Promo Ends and WSOP Thoughts"

  1. It is annoying how predictable, misleading and nuance laden the ESPN WSOP broadcasts are. It bothers me even more how hooked I am on them.


  2. "Phil Ivey may have gotten most of my chips on Day 2, but he and I both made the same amount at the Main Event. ($0 plus a seat cushion and All In chip)"

    Uh, I stole four seat cushions, so I ended up finishing up twice as much as you and Mr. Ivey combined.


  3. Thanks to both of you guys for playing in the Tanner tourney last night.


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