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If you aren't signed up for free poker training, you are missing out. If we play at the same tables, please ignore this post.

Get Cardrunners/Stoxpoker for Free

I continue to receive CRs and Stoxpoker for free thanks to their truly free poker training program just for playing on FTP.

The link:

The details:
Earn 5.5k FTP points in a month and get 1 month of CRs free
Earn 3k FTP points in a month and get 1 month of StoxPoker free
No hit to rakeback
You keep your points
Pretty simple (I guess it is FTP paying ppl additional RB to play)
Go sign up

To follow up on Bayne's recent post about the FTC requiring "Thus, bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service" I was not paid anything to make this post. I just can't imagine why people wouldn't sign up for it. If you hit the required number of points then you get free access to the training sites. If you fall under the required number of points then you can get discounted access (I think - may need to read the TFPT website info)

3 responses to "Free Poker Training"

  1. Sadly, I play at the same tables AND I signed up for this last month.

    I agree, I don't know why anybody WOULDN'T take advantage of this.

    P.S. Virge is a total donk. :)


  2. yeah been doing this about six months.
    Really good deal by Cardrunners/Full Tilt. Like having extra rakeback per month


  3. <3 pls everyone post about this on your blogs too!