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I guess I can call this part 2 since I posted a quick random update while I was in LV.

The Results (of 7 days in LV)

Tourneys = -$1,760 ($2k NLHE WSOP-report to follow; $340 DS Venetian - $580 cash)
Satellites (incl. tequila shots) = -$150 ($125 sat, $20 last longer, $5 towards tip for shots)
Magic Game Bet = -$55 (I didn't have much faith with them down 3-1)
Cash Games = +$1,400 (report to follow - last day saved me here)

Net Loss = -$565


Live Bloggers

Thanks to everyone that I met/hung out with in LV!! I had a great time!!!

It was great to meet up with some of the bloggers that were out in Las Vegas while I was there - some new faces and some that I have met before. I'll try to remember everyone that I ran into (although a couple of nights were a little fuzzy):

CK - Was able to sucker me into playing HORSE+Triple Draw where I didn't win one pot. She is going to be worn out by the end of the WSOP after being the unofficial blogger LV host. Good Luck today in Day 2 of the $2.5k O/8. She is kicking ass and taking names so far. Hopefully, she will break through to a final table.

LJ - Got to see her tear through the field in the $1.5k HORSE. A win would have been great, but 10th is pretty freaking awesome for her first time playing HORSE live. She is out there to, ummm, work. It seems like she has reasonable bosses and can set her own schedule, which is definitely a good thing in a 24 hour city. Kick ass in your next events!!!

Bayne - Only saw him briefly since he was in town with his wife and daughter and he had to spend a lot of time with them. (with them = at the craps tables methinks)

F-Train - No rest for the weary. He is doing a kick ass (trying to see how many times I can say kick ass in one post) job covering the WSOP including the $1.5k HORSE that LJ was in. We had dinner a few nights while his IPhone timer was counting down the minutes until the usually 60 minute dinner break ended for the tourney that he was covering.

AlCantHang - Was looking forward to meeting him after all the kick ass stuff he has done for bloggers (BBTs, free stuff, etc). For some reason I thought it was a good idea to have a couple of double SoCo shots with him after I busted out of the 2k NLHE. It seemed like a very good idea at the time. The next morning, not so much. If you don't follow his twitter account, you are missing out.

MeanGene - Ran into him at the bar with Al. I don't think he wanted SoCo shots but somehow we coerced him. That consisted of: "Do a shot with us." "Naah." "Ah, come on." "OK."

- Seems like a great guy. I only got to hang out with him for a short time at dinner and the HORSE+TD. I'm looking forward to reading his trip report. I'm guessing that he probably went deep in at least one Venetian DS.

Lightning36 - When I ran into him, I was expecting to see a seventy year old man with a cane since he said that he was going to be playing the Senior's event - just kidding. I knew that he had just barely qualified for the senior's min age of 50. We had lunch while I was nursing my hangover. I really thought he was going to tear through the senior's event field, but I guess the short starting stacks had other plans.

Blogger sprstoner - I wasn't going to put him on the list because he hates being called a blogger. Blogger, Blogger, Blogger, Blogger. I seem to randomly run into him every year, usually at the Hooker Bar - hmm. He is kicking ass at the WSOP and everywhere else this year. So freaking huge. If he really was a blogger, he would probably just be bubbling the money instead of making deep runs. Still a few more events for him to win his bracelet which would be a great accomplishment for a BLOGGER.

Lucko21 - I ran into Lucko briefly during the drunken hours after the $2k NLHE. I had met him once before (again briefly 2 years ago at the pocketfives party.) It is very fuzzy, but he did hang for a few mins while I degened it up at the Roulette table at the end of the night. I'll be rooting for him at the ME - time for the run goot!!

I'm sure alcohol is making me forget a couple of others

More to follow...................

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  1. You looked a little hung over at lunch -- lol.


  2. It was great to hang out with you again!


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