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So, the plan starting at the beginning of the month was:

1. 5k hands of 200nl full ring - 2 tables max
2. 5k hands of 200nl full ring - 3 tables max
3. 5k-10k hands of 200nl full - 4 tables max

I haven't gotten nearly as many hours in so far as I would have liked - mainly due to being out of town Easter weekend for my sister's wedding and playing most of the BBT4 events this month. There have also been a lot of nights that I either called it quits early or didn't play cash games because I knew that I wouldn't being playing my "A" game. I have been working a lot (which is a good thing) and by the time I get home I'm often too tired/worn out to put in the kind of focus that I need.

Currently, I have only played 3,686 hands and am up $602 (4 ptbb/100).

I got off to a great start and was sitting at +$990 around the 2k hand mark, then variance caught up. I had a session where I lost a little less than 4 buy-ins - mostly coolers and bad beats with prob 1 buy-in worth of spewing thrown in. The spew wouldn't have been a spew under most circumstances but in hindsight it was a spew because of my table image and the player. I had some really aggro stats and had lost 2 buy-ins at that table. I bluffed after river card that made four to a straight and was called by what I knew was an overpair. If I had analyzed the situation a little better, I wouldn't have been bluffing that player in that situation. I guess that is why you review your sessions so it doesn't happen again.

I have found myself getting bored and losing focus while playing two tables. Hopefully, I finish the first 5k hands before the weekend and can move on to 3 tables.

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