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After I busted out of the turbo tourney, I grabbed some pizza, checked out the new areas of the casino, and finally made my way to the cash tables.

Florida law (even at the Indian Casinos) is $100 max buy-in for NL cash games. The Hard Rock runs $1/$2 NL and $2/$5 NL with $100 max buy-ins. The $1/$2 games are usually nit fests and the $2/$5 games are incredibly loose.

I sat down as they were starting a new table. The game started off pretty interesting including one older wanna-be cowboy getting KK 5 times in the first 8 hands - no joke (I'm not sure what the odds of that are). He was down $200 plus because he ran one of them in AA and one into AK (flop an Ace). Needless to say the tilting pseudo-cowboy help make the game good.

Some random happenings of the day:

Slow Rolled

I guess a lot of live players are clueless and I'll write this off as him being clueless instead of an asshole.

I had a decent stack and wound up calling a guy's small bets down with 99 on a KK3K5 board. After I called his 1/12th of the pot size river bet almost certain that he had the King, I waited for him to turn up his hand. He says what I thought was "You got it." So I turn up my 99. He leans over and looks at my cards and then finally turns up his freaking KQ. I never screw around in a cash game (espec low stakes), if I think I have the best hand whether it is my turn to act or not I show it.

I said something along the lines of WTF?

He replied, I had the right to see what you called with and wanted to see it and that he didn't say "you got it" but instead said, "what you got?"

I proceeded to inform him that he was 1st to show and explain to him how much of a ass he was for slow rolling me. The dealer apologized to me for not asking him to show first.

I think the worst part of the situation is that the guy actually thought I had to show first since I called his bet.

Monster Draw

I had a monster hand when I had a decent stack (relative to the start).

My hand - 4c6c in multi-way limped pot and I was on the button

Flop - 3c7c9x
Turn - 3c7c9x4x

I obviously wound up getting all-in on the turn against QQ and wound up missing my 17 outs.

Tiliting Blackjack Players

I had been up and down, but managed to build a decent stack again when a new player sat down at the table. He was clearly in a horrible mood and looked really pissed. After a few minutes he went on and on about how he just "lost fucking $5k playing blackjack in 30 minutes" and he was waiting for a $200 SNG to start. (Oh, by the way, the Hard Rock can run $1k sngs and mtts, but the max buy-in for cash games is $100)

I open raised to $20 pf with AJo and some guy comments about how much I have been raising. Drunk Tilting BJ players (DTBJ) makes the call from the BB. The flop comes all raggy and he leads out for $40. I fold.

The very next hand I look down at AA. The situation couldn't have been any more perfect. DTBJ seems to want to get all his money in the middle and he thinks I am way too loose thanks to another's players comments about my pf raises. I make it $20 to go again. The button calls and DTBJ calls out of the SB. Flop is all rags with 2 clubs. He leads out for $30. I shove. He calls and says, "I AM going to suck out on you." He flipped over 4c8c and hit his flush on the river.

Somehow, this guy had my number. About 10 hands later, my stack was around $180 and he had me covered. I get dealt KK and raise 3 limpers to $35. DTBJ shoves all-in. Everyone else folds. I insta-call. He shows KhTc. The pot gets pushed to him thanks to 3 hearts on the flop and another on the river.

This seemed like a good time to leave the table and grab some dinner. :)

Funny Comments

I heard a few funny things at the table that show why live cash games are so good.

Early in the game. I had been playing pretty tight waiting for a good spot to double up. A girl in middle position open shoved for $45ish. I looked down at TT and I shoved my $120 all-in and a player behind me with more chips said, "Do you want a call?" I replied, "Surrrrrre! The more the merrier!" He thought for a few minutes and called with A9o. After the board ran out and I won the pot, he turned to me and said, "Hey, sometimes that works and you wind up winning a big pot." I think he honestly thought that way, too.

A lady at our table looked extremely tired and proceeded to tell the entire table, "I played all day yesterday until 4:30 AM. I probably should have gotten a couple more hours of sleep but I was so excited to come back and win more money. I won $342 yesterday!!! and couldn't wait to get back!!!!" The best part was she said that she won $342 like you might expect someone to talk about how they won $5k playing cash or came in 1st in a tourney. A few hours later she left after blowing through that $342 plus another $258 (6 buy-ins by my count). Some of her plays included folding the remaining $10 in her stack on the flop when the pot was around $150, shoving all-in over the tightest player at the table with 56 suited, and getting all in with on a flop that contained two spades because she had the Ace of spades and "might make a flush."

I need to play more live poker

4 responses to "Live Poker (Part 2) - Cash Games"

  1. Nice entry...funny stories.


  2. One thing that kind of tilted me when I played in FL was when a guy who didn't even see the flop asked to see my losing hand. Apparently there's a rule that anyone dealt into the hand can see any hand that goes to showdown. I had even already mucked the hand but the dealer dug it out and showed. I was like, "dude, what the eff? You didn't even see the flop and you barge in and demand to see my cards?" He responds, "Hey, I'm just trying to see what you play like!!" As if I'm supposed to say, "Oh, OK, THAT explains it...nevermind then."



  3. Great writing. I like the part where you write. "Early in the game, I had been playing pretty tight, waiting for a good spot to double up." $100 buy in games will produce this type writing for sure. Best wishes. Lex Taylor


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