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I have had a little extra time to browse the internet this week because I am a little slow at work. I thought I would link a few interesting blogs/forum posts that I stumbled across this week.

War Crimes Blog - He has a goal of turning $40,000 into $300,000 in 18 months by playing 5/10nl and 10/20nl so that he can quit his job and become a full time player. In less than 1 month he has gone from $40k to $2,900. I feel bad for him because he truly seems like he believes that Bodog is rigged against him - pretty sad actually. The beginning of this last post:

"have cashed out totally from I am fully superstitious that the site has it in for me 1 day since my large cash out on October 1st 2007. I have lost 19 days out of the last 22 days I have played on Bodog. This is "too" fishy for words right now. But the the last time I played. I played 2 hands solely the entire session to a flop."

Anyway it is worth reading. Hopefully he will get back on track.

A 2+2 anthology by Pr0crast - A guy put together a pretty detailed list of 2+2 links and organized it very well for a guy that he was coaching.

Poker Road - Joe Sebok and company's new website. This site just launched this week and looks like it has some great potential. Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith will be broadcasting their radio on the site as well as a few others - Big Poker Sundays with Haralabos Voulgaris and Scott Huff, Tips from the Bear and a couple others.

The site also hosts the blogs of Barry Greenstein (audio), Jeff Madsen, belowabove, Anna Wroblewski, Steve Sung, and Joe Sebok.

88% Concentration - An oldie but a goodie. A poker player with little to no self control. He describes his tilt session and playing with his entire roll on the table in extensive detail. The archives are especially worth the read. You will be laughing and shaking your head at the same time.

From one of his classic posts:

"before today i had £35k in littlewoods, that's still there and £41,328.40 in betfair, that isn't there. i just blew $80k+, playing loose and missing. i did $9k on first hand with 4 high, check raising with absolutely nothing on flop, turn made a flush draw which i committed myself to. so i lost $10k on $50/$100, $30k on $100/$200 and $40k+ on $250/$500, the last hand all in on 10 high flop with JJ v AA ($48k pot). no complaints just shit. very very shit. i lost a $54k pot before with AQs against 33 on 39j with 2 spades board, that was on $100/$200. 2 more hands i remember. i bluffed the pot ($10,8k) with AQo (no hearts) on j779x board, 4 hearts. he called with 98d, i don't know how he did it but it really is a fantastic call. also i raised with 46o utg (playing 4 handed on $250/$500) and re-raised in sb for the pot. i call. flop 734, he bets hard and i push, he calls and wins with A7s, i'm not 100% but i reckon that was a $50k pot."

P5s OT thread with classic game show youtube vids - You've probably seen a lot of these videos, but you'll still laugh watching them again and probably see a few that you haven't come across before. The press your luck "superuser" is a classic one that I haven't seen before. If you only watch one make it the Catch Phrase clip.
- The poker cartoons are always good for a laugh, especially if you haven't been there in a few weeks.

How to play Pocket Pairs in Early Position by Annette_15
- I don't play tourneys much anymore, but this is great stuff by Annette.

Those should keep you busy for a while and help kill some time.

Oh yeah - GO GATORS!!!!!!!

EDIT: Added more link

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and have a great weekend.

    Craig Cunningham

  2. Great post. I'll definitely look through these when I have some time.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

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